Radio Divinity

KarenMichelle Lane [ DJ Divinity ]
I've been Collecting great music all my life and
now I'm sharing my collection with my friends in Second Life.
I'm available to DJ your Club events, Region parties,
Promotional events & Home parties. I specialize in
Classic Rock, Blues, R&B, Soul, Pop, Rock, Metal, Alternative,
Romantic Moods, Jazz, Country, World Music, Dance, House,
Trip-Hop, Gothic, Folk, Ancient, Medieval & "Period" Music,
Movie & Theater Soundtracks and the Exotic.
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Welcome to the website of DJ Divinity who is in second reality, KarenMichelle Lane. This is where I keep the most current information about my SecondLife Music Events. Radio Divinity is my music stream and it's available as an alternative option for your listening enjoyment. Join me in SecondLife at many music venues, "Setting Your Mood!".
I have a lot of changes in my performance schedule - Please review below:

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 Schedule of My Second Life Events [all times are SLT/Pacific unless otherwise noted]
  o Mon - 10pm-Mid  - Braysville for the Blues - Themed Events
  o Wed - 08pm-10pm - Braysville for the Blues - Themed Events
  o Wed - 10pm-Mid - Woolie Bullies - Potpourri Night

  o Thu  - 08pm-10pm - Woolie Bullies - Themed Events
  o Fri   - 06am-08am - Voodoo Bayou - Blues, Blues Rock, R&B, Alt Blues - TGIF Party
  o Fri   - 10pm-12am - Voodoo Bayou - Blues, Blues Rock, R&B, Alt Blues - Naughty Party
  o Sat  - 10pm-12am - Woolie Bullies Blues Place - Saturday Night Party Blues 
  o Sun -  08pm-10pm - Braysville for the Blues - Themed Events
  o Sun - 10pm-12am - Voodoo Bayou - Intimate Blues, Blues Rock, R&B, Alt Blues
                         ~~ I love to chat with the guests at all my venues ~~
                     ~~ Song requests and dedications are always welcome ~~

 Direct Links to my Scheduled Second Life Venues

  o Voodoo Bayou -
     SL Viewer Launcher - secondlife://Voodoo%20Bayou/102/136/22 
  o Woolie Bullies -
     SL Viewer Launcher - secondlife://TRUE/58/197/26
  o Braysville for the Blues - 
     SL Viewer Launcher - secondlife://HongKong%20Fever/117/198/23

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